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Video work 

Video work 

What's our favorite part about creating new videos? Brainstorming.

Coming up with ideas and ways to visually portray the aspects of your business that you are doing really really well. Whether that's to get a new employee excited through a new hire video, or promote your company to future customers or clients through promotional videos. Video is an excellent way to say who you are and what you want to attract both internally with employees and externally with new business.

What type of video work do you do?


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Promotional Videos

New Hire Videos

Employee Safety Videos

Conference coverage

Non profit videos

Event videos 

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Photo Galleries

Explaining who you are without words

Whether you have one photo on your social media or 50. They all send a message about who you are. Is your business dynamic and cutting edge, or warm and welcoming? A look that explains that is key. Taking the time to put out thoughtful content speaks volumes to your customer and in return gives them an idea of the kind of experience they can expect from working with you. A clean look says this company cares about their product, their service and what they put out into the world.

What does creating a consistent look mean? 

All of these photos have some kind of feeling of similarity to them don't they? It could be because they are all taken in the same environment but that alone doesn't cut it. We know that because a customer can post a photo of your business online that wouldn't look anything like these. They'd probably be dark, not as crisp and maybe a put off a dreary vibe. Subtle coloring plays a big role in keeping your brand cohesive. When every image you put out feels similar in some way you are establishing a look that your customers can see, it's a flavor they get only from you and your business.


When we put these galleries together we come up with an editing strategy. The coloring we choose is intentional and unique to your company. If you are a warm and welcoming company we want your photos to reflect that. If you are an elite gym who offers the best training in your field, we want your photos to reflect that. It's a small subliminal way to speak to your clients without saying a word. Photo galleries are created for you to have a 'bank' of content to use for your website, facebook, instagram, google listing etc. The best part is we can pass on the coloring formula we create for you so that you can use it for future photos. Allowing you to keep your photo content going. 

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Who we've created with

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