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    Promoting your business through video can look like short videos on social media, to highlight videos on your website. Whichever the avenue, video content gives your client a feel for what you do and why you do it. We work with many businesses ranging from restaurants, industrial work, manufacturing and distributing, non profits and everything in between. Creating visual content is key for your clients connecting with your brand. Whether you have ideas of your own you need to bring to life or are looking for suggestions to get you started we can help you at any point of the process you are in. Types of Promotional videos we offer - 1 min highlight video for platforms such as facebook, and instagram - 15-30 second ad videos intended for facebook, and youtube - 4-8 minute branding video for websites, new client acquistions - Event coverage such as, 5k runs/fundraising events - Short Informational videos (great for gyms that offer many classes) - White label projects - Instructional Videos (Great supplication to manuals that come with your product) Contact us for packaged pricing
    Internal resources are intended for sharing within your business. Whether you want video coverage of an important company conference to share with employess unable to attend, or a new hire video that ensures all new employees are reviewing important information that may get overlooked in a physical manual. We have created a wide array of content intended for internal use and would love to have the oppurtunity to do the same for your company. Types of Internal Resource Videos - 10-30 Min. new hire orientation videos - Updated safety procedure, regulations/conduct videos - Conference coveage
    It's hard to put all projects under one umbrella and we don't intend to. We have had the pleasure to videograph projects ranging from professional atheletes, Youtube artists, rewarding non-profit work, to even long term stays in New York for behind the scenes coverage of a documentary. If you have an idea you just really want to create or your personal endeavors lead you down the path of needing a videographer we would love to be a part of your journey. Types of various projects: - Music covers - Workout/Training videos - Interview coverage - Non-profit projects - BTS coverage

KW Productions
Eugene Riverfront Festival | Revere Events & City of Eugene
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Eugene Riverfront Festival | Revere Events & City of Eugene
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United Way Vignette 2022
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Ellen Promotional Video
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