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Thompson Engagement | Eugene, OR

It is such an honor to have our first blog post come from people that are so near and dear to our hearts. KW had the pleasure of working with Jordan in his proposal to Danielle. Jordan and Danielle first met at Kennedy Middle School in Eugene, OR. It was there that Jordan said he first fell in love with Danielle (unbeknownst to Danielle- how freaking cute is that?!) They became friends in 8th grade and maintained their friendship throughout High School. After High School Jordan left to Albany to play baseball for Linn Benton Community College while Danielle stayed in Eugene to pursue a business degree at the University of Oregon. It wasn't until Danielle's junior year in college that they began dating- this is a patient man people. From that moment on it was so evident that these two were a perfect match and it didn't take them long to realize it either. Jordan came to us around the beginning of June, with a huge smile on his face he told us he had gotten the ring. Jordan asked us to meet him at an overgrown shelter next to the baseball dugout at Crest Drive Elementary School. He explained that this was the place they spent many of their dates together early on in their relationship, and this is where he wanted to ask her. A couple (dozen) candles, rose pedals, power tools and pictures later the scene was set. Jordan began the night by taking Danielle to the place they shared their very first date, Turtles. Once they left turtles Jordan blind folded Danielle and told her he had one more birthday surprise for her. The next thing Danielle saw as she took the blind fold off was Jordan down on one knee proposing to her. It's safe to say that the rest of the night went relatively well and Jordan could finally have his first meal of the day. Jordan had planned a surprise engagement party and the couple spent the remainder of the evening celebrating with their family and friends. We so enjoyed being a part of this engagement, and hope you all enjoy seeing a small piece of such a special night.

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