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5 Things I Wish Were Videographed on my Wedding Day

From churches to outdoor venues, traditional vows to personally written ones, first dances to rehearsed theatrics that entertain your guests, it is no secret that weddings have changed substantially in the last several years. One of the biggest changes? Videography. It is almost unheard of these days for a bride and groom to not have a wedding film, and for good reason. Not only because we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where the venue scenery is so captivating that it makes filming and photography something that should not be missed, but because it would be an absolute shame if all of these unique and priceless moments that occur at weddings today, were unable to be relived. But just like anything that happens on your big day, the details of videography and moments that you wished were captured, can get overlooked, so I thought I would share with you the 5 things that I wish I would have captured on my big day so that you can ensure you have the best film for you and your significant other to enjoy year after year.

1. Ceremony & Speeches

This makes the number one spot for good reason! When you see, 'ceremony and speeches,' listed you think to yourself, how could you possibly miss these incredible moments. The answer is, easily! With the presence that social media has today, combined with the desire to share a picturesque wedding highlight video of your own, the price tag of these 5-8 minute wedding films alone can truly test your budget. As a result, the 30-40 minute documentary edit that obtains the heartfelt speeches and the entirety of a tear jerking ceremony, gets neglected as a top priority. There is no arguing that this portion of your wedding film will be way too long to share on Facebook, but when it comes down to looking back on the moments of your wedding day, somehow every second becomes ten times more precious and you'd give anything to relive each moment for as long as you can. My Tip? Find a videographer that includes a documentary edit in their package. OR...Splurge! Because trust me, on your second, third, fourth, anniversary you will want to bask in forty minutes of your wedding day while eating ice cream with your significant other (guilty).

2. ALL the raw moments

Given the reality of a wedding, where the bride and groom are hardly alone for more than an hour, intimate moments that you both share, can be hard to come by. One tip we have adopted from the amazing WHOISMATT, is utilizing the time directly following the ceremony to steal the bride and groom and let them just be together. No posed shots, rounding up the family or anywhere to be but with each other! The result? Truly amazing, unplanned moments that exude every emotion that a newly married couple can imagine. My Tip? ASK FOR THIS.

3. Writing your vows (and reading them)

One of the biggest regrets that I have after becoming a wedding viedographer and witnessing countless precious moments between bride and groom, is not writing my own vows. I was so uncomfortable with the thought of being up in front of hundreds of people, that I had no idea where to even begin, so instead I chose to surpass this opportunity, and I couldn't regret it more. After filming some of the most beautifully raw wedding vows, I am here to tell you that personal vows add a truly special element to your wedding film. One unique aspect we love doing, is having the bride and groom read their vows to themselves before the wedding. The hours before you walk down the aisle and take each others hands in marriage, are filled with so many emotions, and once you start reading the vows that you wrote for the man or woman you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with, all the excitement of your life together, anticipation of whats to come, and the love you hold for that person, comes to the surface and is captured in a beautiful moment that you will want to relive. What I would give to see my giddy excitement before marrying the man of my dreams! My Tip: Try it out for yourself!! Start writing and see what you come up with!

4. Do something fun!

Whether it be robes, matching socks, tie bars, hysterical toasts, or choreographed dances, these are all great moments you will not want to forget to capture. However, what will make your wedding film truly stand out and personal to you, is creating a memory with your bridesmaids and groomsmen before you walk down the aisle, that you can reminisce on years down the road. I have seen it all, from golf trips, mini marathons, a simple brunch, to shooting guns in a field with your buddies. Not only is this a light-hearted, fun way to start the day, but having your videographer there to capture these moments with the people you hold most dear to your heart, is so special to watch at a later date. Not to mention that after the "I dos" are exchanged at the alter, there are so many people and events that are trying to steal your attention that it is almost impossible to spend time with your loved ones for more than a moment. With all of the family that makes it a priority to come out for your big day, I wish that I would have had some footage of the time I was able to spend with those closest to me. My Tip: Do something unique to you or your venue! I have a bride who is having mimosas and hot tubbing at her venue with her bridal party the morning of her wedding. May seem simple, but the laughs to be had and the memories that are exchanged, make for amazing footage to look back on!

5. Incorporate Fun Moments for the Two of You!

There are so many creative and fun ways to make your wedding unique to you and your partner. I so often found myself constantly questioning all of my options, if I choose this, can I also do that, will people find this strange, etc., that I forgot to think about the activities that my husband and I would enjoy! When it comes down to it, remember that this is your day, and the events you plan will be loved by all because they reflect the both of you. My husband and I played the "shoe game" and it only made me wish I would have incorporated more fun activities into the night! The bride pictured above, chose to 'ice' her new hubby and it was one of the greatest moments of the night! My Tip: Whether you want to incorporate your traditions, or want to find a new idea or activity on pinterest, anything you decide to incorporate will only add to making your day that much more memorable!

I hope you enjoyed the tips. I would love to hear more from past brides!

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