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How to Plan an Oregon Wedding

I'm not sure there are any expert wedding 'planners' out there aside from actual wedding planners. In fact most just step into the role the minute the ring gets put on their finger and the results are usually pretty impressive! So when I suggest how to plan an Oregon wedding, these are really just a videographers mere observations and our take on how to plan an Oregon wedding that makes for amazing memories and a heart wrenching film to look back on. This blog stems from a recent shoot we had the honor of doing at Deep Woods Events in Elmira Oregon. This was one of our favorite pieces we got the chance to be a part of because it taught us a few things about how we like to film, and what helps us do our job better so we thought we'd share! Also included is a sneak peak of the day~ Enjoy!

Deep Woods Events Scenery

Photo by: KW Productions

1. Let the scenery do the job

IF there is any place you can get away with less being more for wedding decor its Oregon! I have a bride in Florida who desperately sought out locations in Florida that looked even remotely close to something you could find in your backyard in the PNW. I cannot tell you how many weddings I have been to where the venue so easily stole the show there was no reason to go over the top with decor. With so many beautiful options please please PLEASE take advantage of how amazing Oregon is when selecting your venue!

Belen Isabel Photography, ToBeLovedEvents, Anela Events

2. Get an Event Planner

Whether it's helping you find local vendors you can trust, reliable resources are just the tip of the ice berg of what event planners can do. I can't stress enough what kind of pressure this takes off your day. Oregon weddings have several elements of unpredictability, is it going to be raining, is it going to be hot, is it going to be wayyyy too hot?! When it comes to the day of you are going to want to be surrounded by friends and family, don't make the mistake I did of not getting a planner to deal with last minute details. The ones closest to me ended up running around making sure everything was perfect mean while I wasn't able to spend that special time with them. As a videographer event planners make our job a breeze as the bride is usually a lot more calm and is not in a sense of hurriedness. By the time we need to do our job if there is an event planner there it is with complete certainty I can say that everything that needed to get done by that point, has gotten done. I cannot tell you enough how easy that makes our jobs, being able to solely focus on a couple who is also attentive and in the moment. Event planners are one of the vendors in my opinion that our highly overlooked. If you are now convinced you need one yourself, here's who I recommend 😊 To Be Loved Events, Anela Events

Deep woods Events, Blush Bridal Eugene, Eugene Wedding venue

Photo by: KW Productions

3. Hire people who aren't afraid to be different in telling your story

It wasn't until the last several years that I realized just how beautiful Oregon was. As we have began to travel to various places I have realized they don't all look like this not even close! If you are getting a videographer you have such a unique opportunity to tell your story alongside some of the prettiest places in the world. That being said, having a photographer and videographer that you like the style of is crucial. After you accomplish that trust in creative freedom they will be more likely to suggest things that are only going to add some serious magic to your day. Some of the best moments we have captured have been from going out on a whim or better yet going out in the rain 😏.

Deep Woods Events, Blush Bridal, Eugene wedding venue,

Photo by: KW Productions

4. Don't be afraid of the rain!

Man this ones a biggy, especially living in Oregon. I myself was victim to the dreadful fear of it raining on my wedding day, as are most brides, and for good reason of course! But after filming this couple in the POURING down rain I'm convinced there's nothing better. There is something so carefree that happens when your intentionally in the rain. So if this shoot taught us anything about planning a wedding in Oregon it is to not fear the rain, if anything embrace it. We will always be in love with summer weddings in Oregon but if that doesn't line up with your timeline, embrace the chance of rain and we promise the results will be nothing short of amazing!


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