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Life Events & How They are All Worth Documenting

Coley and Megan came to us early on in their pregnancy knowing they wanted a video to document this new and exciting journey they were embarking on. We were excited to begin knowing just how special documenting any portion of life can be. But what we didn't know was how special it would be capturing each new moment as they came. From the anticipation of whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl to putting a name to someone who was already so loved. These new parents had a new excitement at each part of the process that their daughter will be able to witness firsthand.

We so often forget as we are in the midst of some of the best moments of our lives that they will quickly turn to memories and all we have to look back on are photos and our own recollection of the events. How truly special is it to have more than that, to have even just a glimpse of what life looked like in that moment.

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