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Learning a Bit About Ourselves

We had the opportunity this last weekend to film our favorite MMA fighter, Christopher San Jose take a tour through Ninkasi's Brewery facilities. This project turned out to be an experience of growth and development into who we are. We filmed with the intention to make the video a hype video of sorts for his upcoming fight but as we sat down to work we felt this scary tug to take it another direction.

What we learned throughout this process is what really makes us come alive. Which is being able to capture things that may not be noticed otherwise. We almost overlooked the simple beauty of this day by making it into something we thought it should be rather than sitting down and really making ourselves think and get revelation on what ALL it actually was.

We never want to put ourselves in a box, and this video has taught us to let each project run its course wherever that may lead because at the end of the day all we really want to do is portray a message that is beautifully unique, As we are learning what that means to us we have had to avoid extracting from where others have gone and be okay with learning rather where we are supposed to go. There is so much room for creative talent in this world and it would be a shame to try and fit into the mold of someone else's and never learn what yours is.

Here is a little background on how this video became what it is;

We had an interesting time editing this video. It caused us to remember who we are, and learn a little about ourselves. Our inclination after filming this day was to make an upbeat, happy go lucky video as that was the feel of the day. But as we sat down to edit, no happy care free song seemed to fit into what our eyes were looking at. We thought well this ‘should’ be a hype video and its not translating well. I finally realized we where trying to make something fit into a mold it was never meant to go into. As we went on we remembered its okay to be different and its okay to try new things especially for the sake of telling someones story. It’s for this and many more reasons we are grateful for people coming to us who trust our creativity. As we filmed an excited San Jose clan tour Ninkasi’s facilities we realized what else we were filming. We were filming a man who is so determined to achieve his dreams nothing will stop him. Everyone around him can see so clearly where he is going they not only get out of his way and clear the path but want to jump on board and help him get there. So as the day was fun and lighthearted it was also the fruit of a man who sweats tirelessly, daily pushes himself to break both mentally and physically, and chooses to be intentional in all he does for the sake of his dreams. As we follow Christopher we are caught in this really amazing place between preparation and achievement, and the result; videos of anticipation of where he’s headed, recognition around him of what he IS, and attempting to capture the spectrum of what someone has dreamt they could become.

Ninkasi started as a dream but didn’t stay there, just like any it took drive and an inconceivable amount of hours of passion love and fight to make it happen. What we set out to capture was the awe, the rewards, the work, the hearts, and the support that encloses itself around a dream, whether just starting, right at the tip, or flourishing at full potential. Looking back on this footage it really does feel very surreal. The faces you see as the crew is touring a facility that once only lived entirely in someones mind, that has now become a physical place you could see the magnitude of, take in its greatness and watch as others quite literally walked through someone else's dream.

As those close to Christopher walk with him towards his dream its moments like these where the relationships along the way, the people he meets and the dreams he gets to be a part of feel so so much more special and we are so grateful that is something we get to capture.


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