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4 Reasons Why No Bride Will Ever Regret Making Room in Their Budget for a Wedding Film

This week on the blog we have a bride of our own, (her wedding film here) the beautiful and oh so eloquent Kate Hernandez talk about a topic that feels very dear and near to fellow brides hearts and that is, videography. Whether to do it or not and why. ~ Enjoy!

Hello everyone, I’m so happy to be here! Being a recently married bride myself, I know how stressful budgeting for your wedding can be! Amid the bliss of getting engaged, and all the gleeful hours spent on Pinterest, you inevitably come to the realization that weddings can get very expensive VERY quickly. There are some things that are must-haves that you can’t compromise on, and other things that you either decide to go cheaper on, or cut out altogether! This is a normal process, and I, myself, am so happy with how my wedding turned out even though I ended up doing a lot of those less important things on the cheap. When all was said and done, we had a very budget friendly wedding without sacrificing what was most important to us, and the result was beautiful!

I wanted to talk to you lovelies today about why investing in quality videography should be one of your top priorities when planning your wedding. When you start looking at venues, caterers, dresses, and photographers, videography can get put on the back burner, or not even be considered at all! You might find yourself thinking that photography alone will be enough, but coming from bride (who is also a wedding photographer) who had both, I want to stress to you how we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

So to give you a better idea of why I feel so strongly about this, here are 4 reasons why videography and more specifically your wedding film is worth the investment! ☺


Your wedding day goes by fast. I’d be willing to bet that almost every bride would agree! It’s a beautiful day full of love, excitement, and quality time with your new spouse and loved ones. And it’s over so quickly because of everything going on! All the beautiful details that you spent months, or even years piecing together, can become a bit of a blur. I’m so glad that I get to go back to our video and see the flickering fireplace, the glow of candlelight bathing everything in pale gold, the centerpieces, the flowers. I’ve heard so many brides say that they wish they could go back and experience their wedding again, and videography is the closest you can get! The atmosphere gets encapsulated, and you get to travel back in time to that day and relive it every time you watch it!

#2. Missed/Forgotten moments

So much happens on your wedding day, and being that you’re human, you’re not going to get to see every little thing! When my husband and I watched our wedding video, we were so happy to experience what we didn’t get to on the day of! For me, I get to see him getting ready with his groomsmen, laughing and enjoying their time together before the ceremony. And he gets to see me getting ready and making memories with my mom and best friends. That is so special for us to have those missing pieces from when we were apart! The video also shows me holding hands with my mom before the ceremony, and I completely forgot that happened because I was so swept up with nerves and excitement! Being reminded of that moment, and getting to see it is such a gift (insert crying face and heart emojis here). And there are tons of other moments that we love seeing, like the kiddos dancing and playing at the reception, people’s expressions during the ceremony – so many!


Photography is irreplaceable, and so important. But the benefit to also including videography, is that another one of the five senses gets activated when you’re reminiscing and walking down memory lane. You get the visual aspect combined with the sound, and the result is magical. Being able to hear us say our vows again is so powerful. Being able to hear the way laughter filled the room during the toasts is so special. Being able to hear the cheers of joy from our guests makes us feel the same excitement again. And seeing everything unfold to the sound of gentle instrumentals gives us all the warm fuzzies.

#4. Looking at the years ahead

I’m already looking forward to my husband and I watching our video on our anniversaries, or sometimes just because we want to. I’m excited to share it with our children someday. I’m blessed to see us surrounded by our dearest friends and family, and to be reminded of how much they love us. I’m grateful to look at our happy faces, and to be able to hang onto that happiness for the rest of our life together.

I hope that this gives you a little bit of insight into why videography is so special and important! And to be 100% transparent, I’d much rather have a quality video to look back on for years and years rather than the most expensive flowers or decorations that will only be temporary. Videography makes everything, all the beauty, all the emotions, all the details – permanent. ☺

Congratulations, and happy planning!

Videography by || KWPRODUCTIONS

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